Lucille's 4-Diamond Brooch

“Lucille” wears her brooch, her "Jewel of Inspiration," to inspire women to recognize their strength, their ability, and most importantly their value. “She” proudly displays it over her heart to symbolize the depth of its meaning to whomever lays eyes on hers or wears her own.

Sterling Silver


"Lucille's" brooch reminds us of four very important life lessons. "Lunch With Lucille" reveals the meaning of each diamond as the chapters unfold. Annarose designed the brooch specifically as a tangible symbol that we are our best asset at any age and fans of the novel are proudly wearing it as a daily reminder of strength.

Today our "Jewel of Inspiration" is being worn by women all over the world as a source of empowerment in overcoming the fear of aging, lack of confidence and even those bravely battling cancer and other health and social issues.

Annarose consider's it an honor that "The Jewel of Inspiration" a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry that goes with everything, is embraced by so many. "Women sharing with other women - recognizing their value, seeing their connection…so very "Lucille-ish."




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